H40 Space

About us

Operator of the H40 is OSE (Organisation for Support in Education) Czech Republic, a non-profit organisation working 10 years in the field of education and innovation.

H40 – one creative space, endless possibilities – is located in the Holesovice Market, which aspires to become a new creative quarter. Reconstruction of the H40 (Hall40) already finished last summer and we opened in September 2020.


Art&Digital Lab H40

In Art&Digital Lab, we offer a wide range of services. Our labs are equipped with modern technologies and provide users with the best possible conditions for realizing their ideas.

You can use different labs for your work and experimenting: AV, 3D, Lasers & Lighting, Motion Capture, Online&Stream, Post Lab.

Within the Creative Incubator, we collaborate with mentors who can meaningfully guide you in your activities.

We connect art, technology, and education.

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What are we doing now?

The H40 team is collaborating on the preparation of the 15th edition of the Prague Quadrennial, the world's largest festival focused on scenography and theatrical space.

PQ takes place from June 8th to June 18th, 2023, with the main festival location being the Holešovice Market. Through two main competitive exhibitions and six projects curated by an international team, PQ 2023 will showcase the works of hundreds of artists from dozens of countries around the world.

In H40, you can find 36Q°+H40 programme, which consists of 4 technological workshops focused on working with virtual reality, Motion Capture technology, or laser work, led by top workshop leaders. And Art&Digital Talks, inspiring talks provided by international artists.

You can also visit a public showcase of progress from four workshops and explore the technological Labs H40 - 36Q°+H40 Open Labs & Playground. Friday, June 16th, from 1-5 pm at the Art&Digital Lab and Gallery H40, Holešovice Market.

36Q°+H40 consists of four workshops:

  1. Spatial Encounters II
    Workshop leaders: Pablo Dornhege and Franziska Ritter
    Main technologies: Virtual Reality Systems
    Where: Art&Digital Lab H40, room 309
  2. Designing embodied experiences in mixed-reality spaces
    Workshop leaders: Joris Weijdom, Kris Rekers, Mária Júdová
    Main technologies: Virtual reality (VR) and Metaverse platforms
    Where: Art&Digital Lab H40, VR Lab
  3. Motion Capture Lab
    Workshop leaders: František Pecháček, Július Štefan, Radim Vizváry
    Main technologies: Motion Capture
    Where: Art&Digital Lab H40, AV Lab
  4. Immersive Performance Space and the Performers Body
    Workshop leaders: Jan Hladil, Birk Schmithüsen, Nina Maria Stemberger
    Main technologies: lights, lasers, and generative visuals
    Where: Gallery H40

What are we looking for?

Czech and international partners.

Would you like to share the experience with Art&Digital projects? Get to know more about Creative Incubation or try to boost your creative ideas with new technologies?

Currently in process:

  • Looking for international partners for Creative Europe Programme
  • Looking for international partners for EEA and Norway Grants
  • We are interested in international partnerships in creative and innovative projects

Get in touch

Lukas Drevjany/ H40 Art&Digital Lab / Artists & Technology


tel: +420 734 412 721

Michaela Kasparek Mixova/ H40 Art&Digital Lab / Creative Incubator


tel.: +420 605 267 778